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App Of The Week: SetCPU for Root Users!

This week's app is called SetCPU for Root Users! This app allows you to overclock/undervolt your rooted Android phone! This app is used to boost speed and performance of your phone, as well as extend the battery life of it. If used correctly, this app is quite handy when wanting to take full advantage of your rooted phone!

To download this app for free from the Google Play store click HERE


Android Market Now to be Called Google Play?

Google has finally made the decision to ditch the name "Android Market" and throw on the new name "Google play." They said that they felt that the name "Android Market" gave some users the impression that these digital media services were restricted to only Android devices, which as we know isn't the case.

You can access the Google services from any run-of-the-mill computer and use all of the great things that Google has to offer. These include ebooks, music, videos, and now even movies. They  wanted a name that encompassed all of these features and decided that Google play was the lucky ticket!

Virgin Mobile Starting To Throttle Data?

Back in September, Virgin Mobile announced that begining next year(Sometime in 2012) they would begin to throttle the mobile data speed of their heavy data users. Well, now the official date of the throttle introduction has been set in stone. It will start March 23, 2012. Starting on this day, anyone who exceeds 2.5GB of mobile data in one month will be throttled down to 256Kbps or below for the rest of the given month. They have begun sending SMS alerts to those who are currently exceeding the data threshold to tell them that they will not be able to do this starting in march, or, of course, their data speeds will be lowered. So is this a good or bad thing? Well, it's both!


  • There are many Virgin Mobile users that abuse the unlimited data. This bogged down the network for all users. So now, hopefully this will be fixed or at least improved.
  • On the bright side, it's only a THROTTLE, not a CAP. Meaning, they are only going to slow down the data speed for those users, not cut them off like some of the other carriers. So it could be worse!

 The BAD:

  •  Although this isn't a HUGE deal, this is a step in the direction of the bigger carriers. There are still plenty of carriers with no limits on their data amount or speeds, but as Virgin Mobile is gathering more subscribers they are moving toward the direction that the big carriers are. What's next?
For more: Read the Article from Virgin Mobile.

Or check out: the post in our forums. 

New ICS MIUI ROM Released for the Motorola Triumph!

A new version of MIUI has now been released, now based on the Ice cream Sandwich Android platform(4.0). Now you can get all of the great features of MIUI combined with the popular ICS platform! Now you don't have to sacrifice your MIUI ROM to get ICS on your phone! Big thanks to Austrie for all of the continuous work on this ROM. They do the work to make our phones awesome! Check out the "Blog" section to see what all is working on this ROM so far and to get the download link! Enjoy!


ICS ROM Released for the Motorola Triumph!

The Ice Cream Sandwich ROM was just released for the Motorola Triumph! This ROM will add the newest version of Android, version 4.0, to your Motorola Triumph as well as all of the awesome features that this version of the Android operating system has to offer! However, this ROM is still in the ALPHA stage of development, so there will be many features that wont work on the device such as making calls. But, it IS awesome that we can plan on having an ICS experience at our finger tips through our Motorola Triumph!


DOWNLOAD: ICS ALPHA for Motorola Triumph

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